Dubai Property Giant Emaar to Launch Blockchain-Based Rewards and Loyalty Ecosystem

Emaar, the Dubai-based property developer behind the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Mall, the most visited shopping and entertainment destination...

World’s Largest Cryptocurrency-Fueled Darknet Child Pornography Website Hammered – 300+Busted

U.S. and Korean authorities have just revealed their bust of one of the world’s largest markets for child pornography, a crime that is...
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Crypto impersonation scammers migrate from Twitter to Instagram

Scammers impersonating high-profile figures in the crypto industry have been rampant on Twitter for years but recently began migrating to Instagram as well....
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A New Trend in Crypto Funding Campaigns: Companies Resorting to IEOs

The second quarter of 2019 demonstrated a growing popularity of the initial exchange offering (IEO), which has replaced the outdated initial coin...

Ethereum Smart Contract interaction out of the coldest of storage

By Max Blaushild, security engineer, Coinbase Custody(This blog post reflects a talk that Max Blaushild gave at Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan)At Coinbase...

BMW, General Motors, Ford to Start Testing Blockchain Payments in Cars

Five major automakers — Renault, BMW, General Motors, Ford and Honda — will test a blockchain car identification and payment system Source link

How Severe Is Roche Freedman’s Lawsuit Against Tether and Bitfinex?

At the start of October, New York-based legal firm Roche Freedman filed a new class-action lawsuit against stablecoin firm Tether and digital...

IBM Launches New Blockchain Supply Chain Product Using Red Hat Tech

IBM has introduced its new integrated supply chain product based on Watson AI, IBM Blockchain and Red Hat tech Source link

OpenLibra announcement overshadowed by core team member’s questionable past

The launch of OpenLibra, a permissionless and open-source fork of Facebook‘s cryptocurrency, was overshadowed by fraud accusations toward one of the core team members.Crypto...

Blockchain Healthcare Firm Wins US National Science Foundation Grant

The U.S. National Science Foundation has given a grant to blockchain firm SimplyVital Health to reduce healthcare costs Source link