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 The corporation changed based on the idea that foreign exchange and CFD buying and selling must be reachable to all investors and primarily based totally on honest and obvious enterprise practices. They promise to assist their customers to get the maximum out of trading.

Terms and Offers from OANDA Company

broker review OANDA Company

  • ADVANCED CHARTING: Trade forex and CFDs directly from OANDA’s  Advanced     Charts while referencing an extensive list of leading-edge indicators and drawing tools. 
  • OANDA ALGO LAB: allows you to code, backtest, and deploy your own automated forex. Also CFD trading strategies right from your web browser.
  • INDUSTRY NEWS: clients receive up to the minute financial news within the web, desktop, and mobile trading platforms from leading news. Providers including Dow Jones International, 4CAST, and OANDA Marketpulse;
  • ECONOMIC EVENT OVERLAY: watch for the important economic announcement and events that could affect your forex and CFD trading strategies, from within the trading platform;
  • TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Identify market trends. Get help-inform your trading decisions by using automatic pattern recognition technology with OANDA Technical Analysis.

OANDA Company Summary

broker review OANDA Company

We analyzed services provided by OANDA Company and could not knowest that there is a lack of information for traders. We do not find out how you can start with OANDA Company. For sure traders have the opinion to open a demo account, to learn how to trade. In addition we wait for you to share your experience with OANDA Company


  1. Strong side of oanda was the low commissions, but nowadays nobody can be surprised with this. They of course claims that their platform is easy to use after some exercise. As I saw, support service is poor. IB need more than two days to reach back to you and most of the time the responses are not clear or they don’t answer your problem at all. I’d suggest if you’re searching for a secure trading platform and try to trade on your own, without their assistance.

  2. A while ago i had the intention to fund my account on OANDA. What surprised me was the inability to fill my acc. This broker didn’t even answer my request for help, just some evasive answers from the robot in chat. I hope no one will start doing business with them.

  3. How to understand if a broker is trustworthy? Now i’m based in USA. I tried to sign up an account and they texted me telling me that I will sign up with Oanda. This situation shocked me because an Introducing Broker is not the real broker. It is just an agent or affiliate that sends you to another real broker and collects a fee but delegates the work. So checking a review of Oanda is useless because you are working with another broker and you might as well get a review from the real broker depositing your money, do not trust Oanda.

  4. I was trading with Oanda for more than 3 years. On October 28th I had a short on NZD/USD that was closing in on my target price. The Noon 1hr candle closed at 7048.3 and the 1pm candle opened at the same. In a few seconds a spike occurred which closed out the trade at my stop loss of 7069.5. Within seconds the price was back to the opening range on that candle. There had to be a 16 pip spread in order to reach my stop loss from the normal 1.3 spread. I could not find any news that probably affected NZD or USD, no other major pair had a spike. Even advice from other traders on different platforms and forums didn’t help to get what happened. I looked over the ThinkorSwim platform and the high on the ask side was 7055.8. Oanda claims that their broker made the right decision. Seems like from what i read about this company that they are an affiliate partner and real broker belongs

  5. It happens not so often, but it did happen to me. I go into markets with the wrong broker, with no regrets and without my agreement this broker sell all my crypto and after they sent it to my bank. I can’t imagine a bigger stupidity. Please stay away from Oanda.

  6. I meet some difficulties when I start to work on their app. On the identification, the part company accepts just valid identification cards, but not another document. It will take a while because of this to finish registration on the app.

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