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Wealthsimple Technologies Inc. Review,

About Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple Inc. is a Canadian online investment management service. The firm was founded in 2014 by Michael Katchen and is headquartered in Canada, on 80 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor, Toronto, M5V 2J4. The company holds over C$15 billion in assets under management and have received $375M+ in investments. Their team of over 600 employees works collaboratively to build the best possible experience for firm’s clients.

Wealthsimple offers a large list of services and can help to invest in the stock market, cryptomarket, currency pairs and many others. The company provides full expert assistance for its clients. As well they promise to share the needed information for traders to increase their own abilities in trading.  That means a higher level of knowledge that you can achieve with them.

Wealthsimple Technologies Inc. Review

Contact Details

phone: 1-855-255-9038

Wealthsimple Products and Accounts

Wealthsimple can share wide range of products and services that allow to choose the most profitable option for its clients trading strategy.

Wealthsimple Technologies Inc. Review

Wealthsimple is a self-directed investment platform, allowing users to buy and sell various individual stocks and ETFs and U.S. and  exchanges. This platform is offering a stock and ETF trading account with zero-commission fees in the U.S. and Canada. Wealthsimple Trade was the first commission-free trading platform in Canada. You can read more about each product on their official website.

The Company offers three accounts suited everyone:

  • Personal — The most common taxable account for the extra money you want to trade;
  • RRSP — The most retirement account that lets you defer and reduce your taxes for when you retire;
  • TFSA — A popular savings account that lets you grow your investments tax free on the gains you make over times.

Also, Wealthsimple offers savings accounts and provides financial advice.


More than 2 million Canadians trust Wealthsimple to grow and manage their money. Wealthsimple is not a broker for everyone, because, besides one type of account where you can start trading from 1,000$. Others require significant supply from 25,000$ and more. Not all investors will be in a position to start working with a company that appeared in the market just a few years ago. Moreover, if a trader starts with a lower amount. I mean from 1,000 $, he won’t receive assistance which will be good because usually. Beginners start their activity with this amount. This is the point where companies should increase the financial education of their traders.

Wealthsimple Technologies Inc. Review

Meanwhile, we ask ex-clients and of course, existent clients to share their experiences. Point of view about the company Wealthsimple. Only this can help further clients to make a wise decision. Also is a possibility for the company to improve their level of provided services.

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