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Review About Saxobank Company

 During our research and review about saxobank, we find out that SaxoBank Company is a fully regulated and licensed industry leader, that adheres to strict regulatory requirements in 15 jurisdictions, including Denmark, the UK, and Singapore, and holds banking licenses in Denmark and Switzerland.

review about saxobank


Saxo Bank gave the opportunity to trade with stocks, ETFs, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Crypto EFTs, Futures. They had been set the benchmark within the industry for more than 25 years and consistently win the highest accolades for a product, platform, and service.

The company presented the following terms and conditions:

  • algorithmic orders and commissions;
  • withdraw your money anytime for no extra cost;
  • access through both mobile and desktop;
  • assistance from experts and analysts.


  • Key features: Enhanced trade tickets, fundamental and technical analysis tools, extensive charting package, options chain, performance analysis, and comprehensive account about saxobank

    Saxo Bank provided three types of accounts:

  • «Classic». From 2.000$, best-in-class digital service and support, 24/5 technical and account support.
  • «Platinum». From $200,000, up to 30% lower prices, ETFs, priority local-language customer support.
  •  «VIP». From 1,000,000$, get the VIP treatment with the best prices and service, personal expert, direct access to trading expert 24/5.

    Our Opinion About Saxo Bank 

    We respect the honesty and transparency that Saxo Bank show for their clients. Also, Saxo Bank claimed that they protect clients and promote social responsibility.

    The Saxo Group takes the duty towards social responsibility very seriously and upholds the Danish Bankers Association’s code of conduct to combat financial crime.

    review saxobank



  1. Strong side of SaxoBank was the low commissions, but nowadays nobody can be surprised with this. They of course claims that their platform is easy to use after some exercise. As I saw, support service is poor. IB need more than two days to reach back to you and most of the time the responses are not clear or they don’t answer your problem at all. I’d suggest if you’re searching for a secure trading platform and try to trade on your own, without their assistance.

  2. Being an investment consultant, I have traded with SaxoBank on my own as well as my clients’ accounts for 9 years. Was before a cheap alternative for online trading with a very nice platform. Customer service was often under my expectations. Lately, things get unpleasant. They do not work in accordance with industry standards on Margin Requirements. Trade assistance becomes common. I could not see any more from them desire to gain profits for clients. I was forced to ask all my new clients to start trading with an alternative platform more than one year ago.

  3. SaxoBank in my opinion has more strong sides than weaknesses. I could not definitely understand how their support team works, it happens that i need to wait several hours when i really needed. On the other hand was no problem to withdraw my money, for the last 8 months i take off from platform more than 3,200$.

  4. If you have a goal to achieve profits and to start a successful story in markets? Then keep yourself away from SaxoBank. They refuse to solve problems that appeared during trading activity on their platform, can you imagine how dismissively they treat their own clients?!

  5. Absolutely inadmissible treatment fromSaxoBank, after i sign up an account they asked a lot of documents from, but of course this is not the problem. They verified them for more than 3 days, during this time and after i did not hear anything from them, after 6 days i was asked for another document. Six days have passed since i wanted to open my account. My initial plan was to invest in the stock market but because of their lack of professionalism, i lost 1,450$. I’m disappointed on this company. Now I don’t need their services anymore.

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