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What Do We Know About NINJATRADER?


NINJATRADER is a company that showed us that they educate and provide technical support to NinjaTrader platform users. Also, they managed great their own Ecosystem, a network of 3rd party developers that offer trading indicators and applications to customize your NinjaTrader trading platform.

What Does the Client Get once he will Start Trade with NINJATRADER?
ninjatrader broker review

  • UNLIMITED simulated futures trading;
  • UNFILTERED professional market data;
  • EXTENSIVE historical tick, min & daily data;
  • FREE 24-hour emergency trade desk;
  • UNLIMITED support & daily training.

How to Trade Futures with NinjaTrader?
ninjatrader broker review

  • DISCOUNT PRICING: Save on your trades with simple low rates;
  • LOW MARGINS: 50$ margins for Micros and $500 for E-Minis;
  • LOW MINIMUM: Open your futures account with only $400;
  • FREE PLATFORM: Includes all key features needed for live trading.

Conclusion on NT
ninjatrader broker review

As we could understand from their platform, this company has the ability and enough knowledge to help their users gain profits. We will take into consideration different opinions from traders.


  1. Strong side of NINJATRADER was the low commissions, but nowadays nobody can be surprised with this. They of course claims that their platform is easy to use after some exercise. As I saw, support service is poor. IB need more than two days to reach back to you and most of the time the responses are not clear or they don’t answer your problem at all. I’d suggest if you’re searching for a secure trading platform and try to trade on your own, without their assistance.

  2. Ninjatrader in my opinion has more strong sides than weaknesses. I could not definitely understand how their support team works, it happens that i need to wait several hours when i really needed. On the other hand was no problem to withdraw my money, for the last 8 months i take off from platform more than 4,500$.

  3. Absolutely inadmissible treatment from this broker, after i sign up an account they asked a lot of documents from, but of course this is not the problem. They verified them for more than 3 days, during this time and after i did not hear anything from them, after 6 days i was asked for another document. Six days have passed since i wanted to open my account. My initial plan was to invest in the stock market but because of their lack of professionalism, i lost 1,450$. I’m disappointed on this company. Now I don’t need their services anymore.

  4. It happens not so often, but it did happen to me. I go into markets with the wrong broker, with no regrets and without my agreement this broker sell all my crypto and after they sent it to my bank. I can’t imagine a bigger stupidity. Please stay away from this broker.

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